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Getting acquainted with Mitratos Winery

Mitrakos Winery is a small family-owned wine-growing establishment that meets the criteria of the last decades of the famous Greek wine, namely high technology and know-how. Like most wineries in Nemea, Mitrakos winery uses a pneumatic press and refrigerated, stainless steel tanks small and very small capacities, allowing absolute control at all stages of winemaking.

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The small winemaking tanks (12, 6 and 2 tons) also provide the opportunity to make micro-vinification and generally experimental winemaking, which in-depth know the specific characteristics of each vineyard and the grape differentials resulting therefrom. κάθε αμπελοτοπίου και των διαφοροποιήσεων του σταφυλιού που προκύπτει από αυτά.

The above results in better programming for the desired raw material both at an early stage in the vineyard and through the winemaking process depending on the desired final product. In other words, it facilitates planning for the different styles of the produced wines and, of course, their level of quality, depending on their price.

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The standard equipment of the ISO 22000 certified Mitrakos Winery is complemented by the small but modern bottling line, which, like the other machines, is Italian. The small but air-conditioned cellar of the winery contains the vineyard barrels of the Estate. Their origins vary (France, America, Russia, Slovenia), making the barrels another experimenting factor for the restless winemaker Fanny Mittakos.