Discover Nemea region through Mitrakos Vineyards

5 Vineyard plots, 5 terroirs, 1 varietal

Mitrakos Wines | Οινοποιείο Μητράκος
Mitrakos Wines | Οινοποιείο Μητράκος
Mitrakos Wines | Οινοποιείο Μητράκος

About us

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A quick acquaintance with Mitrakos Winery and its people.

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Who we are...

Domaine Mittakos is a family winemaking enterprise, with a wine-growing tradition that goes back over the centuries and its haedquarters located in the famous wine region of Nemea, Korinthia. Patience, experimentation and respect in the vineyard and wine are the main features of the estate. In this context, the ISO 22000 certified winery was completed in 2006 and is located in the family home of the family. It took another six years before the first Named Protected Designation of Origin Nemea (PDO Nemea), with the Domaine label.

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Vision and goals

The goal and vision of the Mitrakos Estate is the continuous improvement of its wines, both through the cultivation of the vine and by penetrating deeper into the secrets of winemaking.

Domaine Mitrakos is in favor of clean and expressive wines, with elegance being the main feature. Wines that are enjoyable and because of their aromatic and tasteful qualities are excellent for their main purpose, the successful escort of food. This is in two words the character of the wines of the estate.

Both bottled wines and those packed in a pouch are produced with extreme care to provide consistent, excellent value for money. Besides, stability in terms of quality improvement is a permanent concern of Mitrakos Estate.

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The man behind the wines.

I was born in the vineyard. Growing up, I wanted to follow it in all its stages. So, my love for the vine is the one that actually made me move on to the production of wine

Fanis Mitrakos

Fanis Mitrakos is currently at the helm of the Mitrakos wine-making enterprise, which has been cultivating Nemea vineyards since the late 19th century. It is the fourth generation of winegrowers and it is the one who dared the step towards professional winemaking.

But looking back several hundred years back, we see Kostantis Mitrakos, the grandfather of Fanis, named after Mani, to settle in Nemea shortly before the dawn of the 20th century and to immediately deal with the vineyard. Thus, the foundations for a wine-making tradition, which for the Mitrakos family is a trademark, were laid down.

Fanis and Vassilis Mitrakos, grandfather and father of the current winemaker, took the lead, respectively, building the traditional relationship of the Mitrakos family with the vineyard of Nemea and its characteristic variety, the Agiorgitiko.

All these years, the production of Metaxos family grapes was directed to the cooperative winery of Nemea. However, since 2006, the small but modern winery of the estate, where the winemaker Fanis Mitrakos is doing everything for the production of the desired wines.

All members of the Mitrakos family continue to play a very active role in the cultivation process of their vineyards, and their activity has already been extended to the family winery.

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