Agiorgitiko Mitrakos Winery

Red Dry Wine P.G.I. Corinth


The Agiorgitiko of Mitrakos Winery is a modern red wine for medium long aging. In this wine, the versatile character of Agiorgitiko is clearly evident, a characteristic of which the variety is known.
Every year for the creation of this wine, the vineyards of the estate which have acquired exactly the characteristics required both in the intensity and qualitative expression and purity of the aroma of the variety and in the quantity and quality of the tannins are chosen.
The grapes are brought directly to the winery after harvest in excellent conditions and follow a specially selected winemaking through which the aroma and flavor of the variety will be expressed as much as possible without enriching with harsh tannins.
This wine will remain for maturing for a few months, a part of it in oak barrels and another in tanks. When the wines are tastefully ready in taste and flavor are mixed.
Agiorgitiko Mitrakos is a modern, fresh and fruity red wine which highlights the wonderful fruity nature of the variety and the terroir of our vineyards. A wonderfully delightful combination of red fruits and flowers that is flattered by an aging scent of aging. Delicious in the mouth with seductive velvety tannins and fruity flavor.
A modern red wine such as Agiorgitiko Mitrakos is able to accompany most dishes of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Particularly suited to small Greek meats (lamb, goat) in almost all their preparations. Pasta with red sauce, meat-eaten, hunting and light yellow cheese.

Mr. Jackson